Telehealth Remote Evaluations

During Covid-19, all therapy, intake appointments, and feedback sessions are online. We are excited to provide you with options for telehealth evaluations. 

You do not have to wait for an evaluation. Dr. Mulchay has helped form a group of more than 1,000 psychologist nation wide who are redefining how evaluations can be done during this time.

For adolescents and adults, we give you an office in our building. We are in a separate office. We can conduct the evaluation via Zoom and with iPads and computers. You don't need to wear a mask!

For younger kids, testing requires masks, a plexiglass shield, maintaining distances, an air purifier, and fans.

Give our office a call to schedule your video intake with Dr. Mulchay. Once your appointment is scheduled, we will provide you with a link for a video intake. During the intake you can discuss your goals for testing with Dr. Mulchay.

You will then have an opportunity to schedule an appointment for a telehealth evaluation. During this evaluation, we will learn how your brain works.

We are excited to provide you with these services during Covid-19. Please call us to schedule your intake.

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