With your child at home and schools closed, you may have concerns about your child's learning. We thoroughly assess for attention issues, dyslexia, memory problems, and giftedness. 

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The advanced ADHD assessments incorporate IQ Testing, behavior analysis, multiple forms of continuous performance testing, and medication evaluation. 


ADHD testing has advanced greatly in the past few years, aided by continuous performance testing. Dr. Mulchay uses multiple forms of theses neuropsychological tests to evaluate both visual and auditory attention. He is able to tailor recommendations to the precise amount of time your attention drifts. 

Services for Attorneys


Dr. Mulchay is available for litigation support

and review work. Dr. Mulchay is available to

assist attorneys in case consultation, strategy,

or to assist the Court by educating the Court.

He is available to review psychological

evaluations and custody evaluations.

Attorneys interested in these services can

contact Dr. Mulchay's assistant, Lidia, to 

schedule a consultation.



Testing can help parents in educational planning, help determine whether a child may benefit from some form of acceleration, offer insight into a child's behavior and learning characteristics, and help determine eligibility for a special school program. Demonstration of giftedness may provide some enrichment opportunities and acceleration a gifted child may not be getting during the school day.



Dr. Mulchay's procedure for evaluating Learning challenges, or learning disabilities, testing are advanced on many levels. Each assessment starts by providing a thorough assessment of neuropsychological learning differences. Then we search for strengths. Why does our learning challenges assessment focus on strengths?

Dr. Mulchay works hard to create purposeful, dynamic recommendations. We need a realistic understanding of your strengths to develop recommendations you or your child will actually follow! This will enhance compliance and success.

Court Ordered


Dr. Mulchay is often asked to complete court ordered evaluations. These evaluations may also be called a custody evaluation or a forensic evaluation.


Dr. Mulchay's post-doc/residency was in court ordered forensic evaluations. He will work with your attorneys and the judge to answer the pertinent questions in a reasonable time frame. 


For these evaluations, please have your attorney contact Dr. Mulchay with a court order.

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